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I'm a graphic designer based in Chicago, Illinois, where I live with my cat and many houseplants.

Being from a military family, I had the privilege of growing up in Germany and traveling widely in Europe before returning to Georgia after high school. These early experiences fostered a multicultural point of view that drives the development and execution of my work as a designer.

During my time as an undergraduate at Augusta University, I was the assistant editor of the college magazine and the copy editor for the college newspaper. In addition, I was the co-founder, editor, and layout designer of Creases, an independent zine. I also worked with many freelance clients, focusing on social media management and digital design.

After obtaining a degree in Public Relations in 2015, I moved to the Chicago area and continued my development as a designer working for several newspaper design hubs. Finally, I landed at a small PR agency in downtown Chicago, where I’ve been delving deeper into digital design, web design, and project management while working with many global clients.

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